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London Styling Shoppe & Spa

Our Salon Philosphy:

In our salon, we derive success from teamwork. Individual and unit growth are stimulated by the idea that many contributive minds working together can accomplish much more than an individual working alone.

Success comes through education. Our salon requires and provides it. As techniques change, as products improve and as new services are introduced we will be prepared through education to satisfy the new demands of our clients.

Success comes through fulfillment. We provide our staff, not with a job, but with a career--something to grow into and grow with. We feel that you do best what you most like to do. And being able to grow into stimulating directions provides a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

Success comes through change. We welcome it. Change is stimulating. Stimulated people achieve more, and achievers are successful.

Our philosophy is geared toward future growth and security. Through teamwork, education, fulfillment and change, we are assured that we will continue to thrive as individuals and as a business.

Our Salon Philosphy:

  • Carol: Owner / Stylist / Wig Expert
(available Tuesday - Saturday)

  • Tammy: Stylist
(available Tuesday - Friday)
  • Nancy: Stylist
(available Thursday - Saturday)
  • Lynn: Stylist / Nail Tech / Esthetician
(available Thursday - Saturday)
London Styling Shoppe & Spa
London Styling Shoppe & Spa
Massage Therapist Now Available by Appointment Only!
Hours are as follows. Prices
Tue 4-7 30$ for 30 mins
Thurs 4-8 50$ for 60 mins
Friday 1-7
Sat 2-5