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Our professional spa manicures will have you feeling great! Our Shellac or Gellish manicure will last 2 weeks (or even 3). They are a great option for those who wish to grow their own nails. Or try Acrylics as well. We have a wide selection of colors to choose from.
***NO Drills! All American products.


Come and relax in our heated massage chairs with a whirlpool spa for your feet. We have a private room perfect for two: friends or couples. You have your choice of scented bath salts. Each pampering session lasts an hour and includes: clipping nails, filing nails, cuticle care, exfoliation of feet and calves, a ten minute massage and the final touch of your choice of nail polish.
Nail Care, London Styling Shoppe & Spa
Nail Care, London Styling Shoppe & Spa